About Nosh Box:

Nosh Box is a newsletter that focuses on how the heck we solve some of the messiest structural issues in the U.S. food system.

Every Monday, I’ll send a quick news roundup to keep you updated on the biggest, weirdest, and boldest new ideas in food.

And on Thursdays, Nosh Box contains original reporting and interviews to dig deep into a specific food systems topic. Previous articles have included an analysis of the new Regenerative Organic Certified standard, an inquiry into whether it matters what terms we use to describe meat (like “boneless wings,” which aren’t wings), and a conversation with food researcher and winemaker Ariana Gunderson about vermouth and memory. Don’t miss the next one!

Who writes these things?

Hello! I’m Jared Kaufman — a food journalist, cheesemonger, and a grad student in food studies in Boston University’s gastronomy program. Formerly, the research and writing fellow at Food Tank. Now I spend my time selling cheese at France 44 in Minneapolis and researching children’s menus and the construction of the category of “kids’ food.”

Say hello! to me at jaredhkaufman[at]gmail.com or @jaredography on Twitter.